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Aviation English Testing & Training
Programs For Pilots and Controllers


Pan Am Academy offers English testing and training programs that individuals can access anywhere in the world, at any time.

Pan Am International Flight Academy offers English testing and training programs for individuals beginning their career in aviation, or for seasoned aviators who need to improve their communication skills, or to qualify for ICAO Level 4 proficiency.

All of Pan Am’s English training programs are designed to provide:

• Basic English from beginner to intermediate, and aviation English from ICAO Level 2-5
• Initial assessment of the individual’s basic or aviation English proficiency
• Individualized on-line training based on the individual’s unique requirements
• A modern approach to language learning that improves speech and communication
• A combination of assessment, on-line and classroom training (Blended Learning)
• Weekly examination and feedback of the individual’s performance
• Aviation English training is aligned to ICAO (9835) guidelines using
• Aviation specific content and terminology
• Aviation English training employs aviation related scenarios with the goal of meeting heavy workload and high pressure communication under stress
• Aviation training materials are designed by aviation subject matter experts
• Classroom training and evaluation is conducted by experienced pilots and controllers
•ICAO certification exam and official certificate when the individual achieves ICAO Level 4 proficiency.