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Boeing 737-200

Pan Am International Flight Academy has more Boeing 737-200 Full Flight Simulators than any other simulator training provider. Pan Am provides 737-200 simulator training for Airlines and individuals including dry simulator leasing as well as 737-200 Initial Type Rating Courses and 737-200 Differences and Recurrent Training. Contact Us for pricing and availability.

B-737-200 Type Rating Courses Available for Individuals and Airlines

   Miami Denver    
 Aircraft Type 737-200 737-200    
 Manufacturer Thales CAE    
 Qualifications FAA Level C FAA Level D    
 Other Approvals Transport Canada None    
 Engine Options JT8D-15 JT8D-17    
 Host Computer Encore RSX V 4500    
 Motion Axis 6 Axis Hydr 6 Axis Hydr    
 Visual Generator RSI Raster Flite SP-X 550    
 Display View 150 x40 150 x40    
 FAA ID and SOQ FAA 559 FAA 227    
 Other Info SP-177 Auto Pilot SP-77 Auto Pilot