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Airbus A320 EASA

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Type Ratings and Training Courses

European Aviation Safety Agency Approved (EASA) - Airbus 320

Pan Am Europe is the only Academy that offers cost effective and top quality EASA A-320 Type Ratings. We do it by taking advantage of the lower simulator rates in the United States. Together with our Scandinavian, British and Portuguese partners we offer our clients the most experienced and trained instructors available in the market today!

A-320 EASA Type Rating Course Details

What is included in the Airbus 320 EASA Type Rating Package?

A Complete Set of Aircraft Manuals

  • Cockpit Posters
  • Computer Based Training (CBT)
  • Transportation to and from the Training Center
  • All Required Skill Tests 

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Course Breakdown, Location, Hotel & Pre Entry Requirements

Stage 1

  • 80 hours Self studies, CBT and Manual

Stage 2

  • 56 hours Systems, SOP and Performance
  • 10 hours Procedure Training / OTD
  • 10 hours Fixed Based Simulator Training

Stage 3

  • Technical Examination

Stage 4

  • 32 hours Full Flight Simulator
  • 4 hours Simulator Skill Test Per Crew

Fixed Base Simulator Training is conducted in the actual simulator without full motion. There is a mock up available free of charge at any time.

Course Duration: Approximately 21 Days

For better learning results, this course requires a minimum 80 hours of home study as a prerequisite to beginning the class.

Location: Miami, Florida USA


Pre-Entry Requirements: CPL (Frozen ATPL), IR/ ME and MCC. Candidates for PIC training are subject to evaluation prior to course start.

The required Touch and go (base check) are not included in the course package but will be arranged in Europe after completion of the course.


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EASA Type Rating Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

How do I apply?

Please fill out the Contact Us form for more information. We will promptly send you an application for training. Once you complete the application, you will receive the payment information. We require a 20% deposit fee for enrollment. Once we have received confirmation of your deposit, we will ship your training package (Manuals, Cockpit posters, CBT and etc) via FedEx so you may begin your course studies.


What do I need to apply?

EASA CPL, with a valid IR ME and MCC. If you don’t have a license please check out our Career Pilot Programs.


If you want to start on a specific course date, when to apply?

We recommend you book your training at least one month in advance. This ensures we have simulator and instructor resources available for smooth & timely course completion.


I don’t have MCC, can you provide it for me?

Yes, please visit our MCC ( Multi Crew Co-Operation) course page


Do I need a sim partner?

No, if you do not have a partner we will find one for you.


I have a foreign license (not EASA) can I still start the course?

You can start the course but you have to make sure your national CAA accepts the training. We cannot provide the required base check for you if you don’t have a EASA license.


How do I convert my certificate to a EASA?

First we will enroll you in our our distance learning ATPL program. The next steps and requirements are:

  • Study and pass 14 EASA ATPL theoretical knowledge subject
  • Hold a valid EASA Class 1 Medical
  • Pass CPL(A) Skills Test
  • Complete a 15 hour conversion course
  • Pass ME/IR Skills Test with an approved examiner


Is your course EASA Approved?

Yes, Pan Am Europe currently delivers its courses under certified Swedish and Portuguese EASA ATOs which are fully EASA approved. This means that all our training meets the EASA standards and regulations and is recognized by all EASA member states. Upon completion we will give you a complete package with all documents and approvals that your CAA requires for acceptance of your new type rating.


Where will I stay during the course?

We will arrange the hotel accommodation with a reduced price for you.  If not otherwise specified we will make a reservation for you to arrive one day before the course start date.


What is the duration of the course?

The total time is specified on each information sheet, days off included.  When you are purchasing your tickets, make sure that you can change your return flight, even if it is for a fee. A good idea is to arrive 1 day early to get use to the time difference and to take a look at the training center. We recommend that your return flight is booked at least 3 days after the end of simulator course. The length of the course depends on your performance, if you do not meet the required EASA standards you will undergo additional training.


Do you provide CBT (computer based training)?

Yes, we use the latest technology in computer based training for a portion of our type rating courses


Do you provide takes offs and landings (base check)?

We are obligated to provide you with the base check as your training provider, if you choose to do the base check elsewhere please kindly advise us. All training must be conducted under a EASA ATO or FTO to be approved. We will arrange the base check usually within 1-3 weeks after your skill test. Remember to bring the skill test form in original with you on the day for base check.


How many take offs and landings do I need?

The requirement is for six landings to be completed, including at least one full stop landing.  In the case of an application for a multi pilot aeroplane; if you have logged more than 500 hours flying experience on multi pilot aeroplanes of similar size and performance, you may reduce the requirement to a minimum of four landings in the aircraft. The Authority defines similar types as aircraft similar in size and performance.


How do I get the rating in my license?

After completion of base check you will be given all the required documents for your national CAA. That includes skill test form, training records, EASA ATO approval, simulator certificate, and instructor and examiner authorizations.

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