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As the original training division of the legendary Pan American Airways, Pan Am Flight Academy trains thousands of pilots a year and understands the requirements of commercial airlines and aviation professionals. Pan Am’s clients are the world’s leading airlines which is why all the programs have been meticulously tailored to provide an effective and high-quality training experience.

Pan Am Flight Academy works with independent agents around the world that can assist prospective students with enrolling in the offered programs.

Please click on your country’s flag where you will find contact details for an independent, local agent.

Please note that Pan Am Flight Academy recognizes the individuals or corporations listed on this page as independent agents. However, while they may assist you in providing information and in signing you up for Pan Am Flight Academy’s programs, please be aware that these agents are NOT authorized to vary the terms and conditions of any Pan Am program or terms and conditions. Furthermore, please understand any separate agreements between you and such agents are not binding upon Pan Am Flight Academy.



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