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Air Traffic Control Training

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Air Traffic Control Training

Air traffic organizations around the world depend on Pan Am  Flight Academy to provide training to their air traffic personnel. Annually, these organizations enroll hundreds of students in the Academy's comprehensive ATC training programs. From basic (Ab-Initio) to advanced (Refresher) training courses, Pan Am ATC provides specialized curriculum that is customized to each client’s specific airspace and training requirement.

All of Pan Am’s training programs are taught by licensed controllers with practical experience in the specific courses they deliver. Standard and custom-designed curriculum is developed with each client and modified to meet the client’s specific environment. All of Pan Am’s Air Traffic Control training programs conform to ICAO and ICAO TRAINAIR Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPS).

Training Programs Available

Course Details

  • ICAO Aerodrome Training
  • ICAO Area Control
  • ICAO Approach Control
  • Integrated aviation English with full ICAO (9835) competency assessment and training
  • Instructional Methods (ATC / OJTI Instructor)
  • ATC Management & Supervision
  • Safety Management (SMS)
  • Quality Assurance (ICAO QA)
  • Air Traffic Management (ATM) Consulting
  • USOAP Pre and Post Audit Consulting
  • RNAV / PBN Familiarization
  • Team Resource Management (TRM)
  • Airspace optimization & traffic flow analysis
  • Full “Gate to Gate” flight following through Area, Approach and Aerodrome Control

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Aerodrome Simulation Courses

Our aerodrome simulations are incredibly realistic and depict the actual aerodrome environment containing landscape, buildings, taxiways, aprons, ramps, runways, and aerodrome lighting under all weather and day, night, dusk environments. Our aerodrome simulations include over 150 commercial fixed wing and rotor aircraft, and all typical ground handling vehicles that are specific to each aerodrome. Our aerodrome simulators are able to replicate the following emergency conditions:

  • Bird-strike, and avoidance techniques
  • Incursion of ground vehicles or other aircraft
  • Collision, crash, or non standard contact
  • Hostage taking / Unauthorized personnel
  • Emergency evacuation , with airborne removal
  • Fire / smoke on-board (cargo fire / engine fire)
  • Mechanical failure such as landing gear failure up or down
  • Aborted takeoff, missed approach, hard landing, and emergency landing with fire and rescue.

Our Aerodrome Training programs include:

  • ICAO Aerodrome Refresher
  • Fundamentals of Aerodrome Control (Ab-initio)
  • Aerodrome Control Procedural (non-radar)
  • Aerodrome instructor (OJTI)
  • Aerodrome Supervisor / TRM
  • Airport security and airspace optimization

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Radar Simulation Courses

All of Pan Am’s radar control courses are especially designed to develop the necessary skills required to conduct ICAO ATC operations that are appropriate for either Approach Control (APP) or Area Control (ACC).  All practical training is conducted on one of our modern radar simulators which help develop the necessary radar control skills in a step-by-step manner. The training curriculum contains a number of complex exercises focused on aircraft separation and emergency procedures where the learned skills are fully tested and constantly reinforced.

Our Radar Control Courses include:

  • Familiarization of radar techniques (Ab-Initio)
  • Advanced radar techniques
  • Radar advanced emergency handling
  • Refresher radar training
  • Radar Instructor (OJTI) & Supervisory Training

Area and Approach Control Procedural (Non-Radar) Training:

Our non-radar (procedural) training is designed to reinforce the skills of non-radar controllers based on ICAO standards and recommended practices. Our training exercises simulate air traffic situations of various levels of difficulty, and our scenarios are tailored to each customer’s specific conditions of airspace and operational procedures.


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ATC Supervisor Training

Pan Am offers a number of ATC management and supervisory training programs that are individually designed to meet each client’s specific requirement with the goal of creating a team of individuals who are able to effectively manage any standard or abnormal situation or emergency condition. Pan Am employs the concept of “Team Resource Management” to create a culture of collaboration, to manage crisis, to increase organizational productivity and safety, and to implement positive change, reliability, flexibility, and empowerment. We reinforce supervisory techniques to all ATC staff members and instructors.

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ATM Consulting

Pan Am ATC is able to provide expert and professional consulting services in the Air Traffic Management (ATM) field. Our consultants are industry specialists with proven experience in their specific area of expertise. Our consulting services focus on improving existing systems and operations to achieve maximum savings and optimization of assets, or efficiency of design.

 Our ATM Consulting services include the following:

  • Air Traffic Control Training infrastructure design and implementation.
  • Airspace design, PANS OPS procedure design and review
  • ATS operational assessment systems. (Quality assurance)
  • ATM real time simulation
  • ATM technical and operational upgrade
  • CNS ATM planning, acquisition and implementation
  • Organizational development
  • Air Traffic Controller screening and selection
  • ATC Human factors training and management.

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Benefits of Training with Pan Am Academy

  • Over 15 years of Air Traffic Control training experience
  • Civilian mixed use training capabilities
  • Programs taught in English or Spanish
  • All training programs conform to the latest ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices
  • All training programs are customized to each client’s airspace and regulatory environment
  • ICAO (9835) standards and English Certificate programs are integrated into ATC training
  • Comprehensive training in all areas of ATC including Radar, Non-Radar and Aerodrome
  • Capability of delivering training at all levels from Initial (Ab-Initio) through Advanced (Refresher)
  • Numerous specialty training programs for management personnel
  • Consulting services and support
  • Programs delivered in Miami, Florida or at client’s facilities


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