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Flight Attendant


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Flight Attendant & Cabin Crew Training

Pan Am Flight Academy has a proud tradition of training the world’s best flight attendants since its origins.

If you are affiliated with an airline or corporate aircraft operator, Pan Am Flight Academy can assist in providing training to your cabin staff and Emergency Equipment Training.

Our facilities are state of the art and include a cabin trainer with 30 seats, Smoke generator, Intercom system, and more: a ditching pool with life rafts of various sizes and survival kits.

Pan Am’s commitment to excellence can be traced back to the earliest flight attendants of Pan Am World Airways and the academy’s FAA-approved programs are designed to exceed the rigorous safety standards required of today’s Airline Cabin Crew members.



Training Programs Available

Cabin Crew Training for Airlines

Pan Am Flight Academy’s Programs are the solutions to your Airline Cabin Crew Training needs. Our FAA approved programs are designed to train your staff to the highest standards of safety and customer service. Pan Am can provide in-flight training that meets the requirements of Part 91,121,125, and 135.

Courses Available:

  • Initial New Hire Training
  • Transition Training

These programs can be scheduled to give your airline maximum training efficiency. Also, training can be delivered at our location or yours to ensure the most cost effective venue.


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Emergency & Cabin Crew Simulators

Pan Am Flight Academy can meet all of your Emergency Equipment and Cabin Safety Equipment needs. With an extensive inventory of Cabin and Door Trainers, Pan Am can offer more Cockpit and Cabin Crew Emergency Training Solutions. All simulators available for wet or dry leasing.


Cabin Trainers

Ditching & Evaluation Equipment

Narrow Body Cabin trainer

Pool For Ditching With Life Vests


46/69 Person Life Raft


25/37 Person Life Raft


10/15 Person Life Raft

"Door Trainers"

B757 slide raft



B757 + OWE


B767 + OWE


B777 (2)



"Miscellaneous Emergency Equipment"


Cabin Safety/Emergency Classrooms With Emergency Equipment Boards


First Aid Kits


Emergency Equipment Boards



"Fire and Smoke Training"


In-Door Fire Pit


Personal Breathing Equipment (PBE)

Narrow Body

Fire Extinguishers

Wide Body Slide

Water Fire Extinguishers





For schedules and availability, please Contact Us

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