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Llicense conversión to FAA certificate

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License conversion to FAA

Convert your foreign licenses to FAA certificate

Pan Am Academy offers conversion courses from your foreign pilots license to FAA. We aim to provide the most up to date information, but please check with the appropriate regulatory authority for the latest and most current regulations for your conversion. There are a couple of options for those who wish to fly in the US and obtain an FAA certificate. If you are planning to rent an aircraft and build hours, a foreign license verification is recommended. If you would like to add additional FAA certificates/ratings, a more formal conversion would be recommended. Customized quotations for a specific conversion can be given by contacting us.

The Conversion Process

FAA license conversion

For detailed instructions, click here to visit the FAA website. If you are applying for a certificate issued on the basis of a foreign license under the provisions of:

  • 14 CFR 61, Section 61.75
  • Special purpose pilot authorizations under Section 61.77
  • Using a pilot certificate issued under Section 61.75 to apply for a Commercial Pilot certificate under section 61.123 (h)
  • Applying for an Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) certificate issued under Section 61.153 (d) (3)
  • Applying for a certificate issued on the basis of a foreign license under the provisions of 14 CFR Part 63, sections 63.23 and 63.42

The Airmen Certification Branch, AFS‐760 must have the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) verify the validity and currency of the foreign license and medical certificate or endorsement before you apply for an FAA certificate or authorization. The processing of the Verification of Authenticity of Foreign License, Rating, and Medical Certification form takes approximately 45 to 90 days to complete.


Note: Do not schedule any travel and/or check rides, etc until a valid Verification Letter has been obtained from AFS‐760.

Rating or Medical Certificate

A person who is applying for a U.S. rating or medical certificate on the basis of a foreign license must apply for that certificate at least 90 days before arriving at the designated FAA FSDO where the applicant intends to receive the U.S. certificate. This initial application step is the responsibility of the applicant. The information you submit to the Airmen Certification Branch must include your:

  • Name and date of birth
  • Address where you wish to have the verification of the authenticity letter mailed
  • Certificate number and ratings on the foreign license
  • Country of issuance of your foreign license
  • Location of the FAA Flight Standards District Office where you intend to apply for your U.S. certificate
  • Statement that your foreign license is not under an order of suspension or revocation

Note: The Airmen Certification Branch would prefer to have a copy of the foreign license and medical certificate or endorsement included with all requests for verification of authenticity of the foreign license. When we receive verification from the CAA, you will receive written notification that we forwarded a copy to the Flight Standards District Office (FSDO) you designated in your request. The verification is valid for 6 calendar months. You may apply for a U.S. certificate at the designated FSDO during that period.

Additional Requirements for United Kingdom, Australia and Malaysia Applicants

In addition to the procedures stated under Verification of Authenticity of Foreign license, Rating and Medical Certification above, airmen from the United Kingdom, Australia or Malaysia must contact their respective CAA to complete additional forms that are required PRIOR to providing the requested information to the Airmen Certification Branch, AFS‐760. We have provided a link to each CAA for your convenience: UK CAA website, Australia CAA website, Malaysia CAA website.

FAA License Conversion

In order to convert to any FAA certificate you must meet the experience as per FAR Part 61 for the issue of the license/rating you are applying for. In addition to meeting these requirements, you must complete the following:

  • Flight and ground training as required to prepare you for the flight test
  • Obtain an FAA Medical certificate
  • Pass the relevant FAA knowledge examination(s)
  • Complete and pass a practical flight and oral examination for the license you are applying for with an
  • FAA Designated Pilot Examiner

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