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Aviation Job fair

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Aviation Job fair

Miami – September 20, 2022 - With ten airlines participating in the event, Pan Am Flight Academy will host a new Job Fair for aviation industry professionals within their facilities on October 20th.

“This is an excellent opportunity for airlines, as well as pilots and flight attendants, who seek professional development,” highlighted Damon Cram, Pan Am Vice President in Sales & Marketing.

Cram also mentioned that Pan Am will be recruiting trainers for their facilities in Miami. The job fair will take place from 10 AM to 4:30 PM at 5000 Northwest 36th St., Miami, Florida.

Come and meet recruiters from multiple airlines and carriers. Click here to RSVP

About Pan Am Flight Academy

Pan Am Flight Academy is a leader in commercial aviation training and has more experience, simulator fleet types, and more programs catering to the aviation service industry than any other training organization. As the only surviving division of original Pan American World Airways, Pan Am Flight Academy can trace its instruction heritage to the earliest days of airline flight training. In 1980 Pan Am American World Airways opened its Flight Academy in Miami, Florida, still the base of operations.

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