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Fly any airline flight simulator the same used for a320 and boeing type ratingsBe an Airline Pilot
for a Day!

Have you ever dreamed of flying an airliner, being an airline pilot or just having a chance to experience a full motion flight simulator?  Well here is your chance.  Pan Am’s “Pilot for a Day” program gives you’re the opportunity to fly a 747, 737, DC-10 and many more aircraft.  Your time at the controls will be under the guidance of a certified and experienced airline pilot instructor.  Bring a friend and fly together.  Design a corporate challenge around the teamwork required to land and airliner.  This program makes a great gift for Christmas or fathers day and can be a super incentive for your next company sales contest. 

Aircraft you can fly today:

 Boeing 777  Airbus 320 All Models  CRJ-200
 Boeing 767  Airbus 300-B4  CRJ-700
 Boeing 757     CRJ-700/900
 Boeing 747-400     Q-400
 Boeing 747-200/300      
 Boeing 737-200     Embraer 170/175
 Boeing 737-300/400  MCDONNELL DOUGLAS:  Embraer 190/195
 Boeing 737-NG  MD-80   
 Boeing 727  MD-82/83   Saab 340
 Boeing 707  MD-88   


Don’t miss your chance to fly a big jet and realize the dream of being an “Airline Pilot for a Day”