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Student Success Stories

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Student Success Stories

At Pan Am Career Pilot Academy we’re like family. And when one of our graduates is hired on at a dream airline, we couldn’t be more proud!  Many or our graduates are flying for some of the world finest airlines. Take a look!




Since I was a kid, I always wanted to be an Airline Pilot. I arrived in July 2011 to Florida and 8 months after my arrival I was wearing my commercial pilot wings. Pan Am Academy made my dream come true! Pan Am has high quality training instructors that now work for major airlines in the US. When I went back to Colombia I felt really prepared to begin a job as a first officer. Now with 700+ hours I am working at Easy Fly flying a Jetstream41! I recommend anyone looking for pilot training to train with Pan Am! And remember, "the sky is not the limit".


I started my training at Pan Am in August of 2011 and finished the following year in February with a commercial multi engine airplane license with an instrument rating. While at Pan Am I had the opportunity to learn from excellent instructors along with a lot of motivation and studying my dream became a reality. Now I fly with Avianca as a First Officer in an Airbus A320. Every time I preflight or see the 100 plus passengers sitting there I have this excitement that flows through my body that simply confirms that all the training and sacrifice leading to this moment was worth it.


I started training back in January of 2010 at the Merritt Island base. Once I finished my Pro-Pilot Training later in the year I made the decision to stay and earn my Certified Flight Instructor rating. Thanks to the academy, 3 years later I'm better qualified, having earned an MEI CFII CFI with 1700+ hours working out of the Kissimmee base. I have really enjoyed my time here. Everyone from dispatch to maintenance are friendly and the instructors are willing to help anyone. Here, I became a qualified pilot, was able to grow in the industry and at the same time help others achieve their goals. Don't be afraid to ask questions, be positive, learn from your mistakes.


I was able to secure a position with Expressjet much earlier than I had had planned on. I have thoroughly enjoyed my short time at Pan Am and would highly recommend it for instructors and students alike! The atmosphere at the school allows for students to be excited about their learning experience, which is a very important part of the learning process! As an instructor I was driven to do my best work as the staff & management was patient with me getting the feel for the company. I cannot say enough good things about the instructors and management at Pan Am Academy and look forward to starting my career as a airline pilot at Delta Connection Airlines!


Everything started in August 2010, I came to the USA with the idea that 6 or 8 months later I would be heading back home with a Commercial Pilot Certificate in my pocket. Less than 5 months after starting, thanks to my instructors, flight academy staff I was a Commercial Multi-Engine Instrument Rated Pilot. Here; almost three years later with 1,700+ flight hours, 1500+ hours PIC, I'm also a CFI, CFII, MEI & a Airline Transport Pilot. Don’t lose your motivation, don’t lose sight from your final goal & always give the best of yourself in everything. You might not know it, but your interview for your next job may have started the minute you walked in through the front door.


Since starting my studies at Pan Am in June it has been a wonderful experience with competent instructors and very well maintained airplanes. The accommodations are magnificent and the staff is always ready to help with anything. The course is based on simplifying academic concepts and theory which makes it much easier to learn since I am from Italy and English is not my first language. Flight training is paced according to the skills of the students with an instructor who follows you from the first to the last day. It is thanks to Pan Am Academy that I am a Private Pilot!


Began working at Pan Am Flight Academy as CFI, CFII, and MEI in the past year. It has been a wonderful opportunity to instruct at Pan Am, not only to see the progress of students but to see my growth as an instructor and pilot. If it is your dream to become a pilot, work hard and fulfill your maximum potential to achieve that dream. Everyone at Pan Am is very supportive and encouraging to help you succeed. While at Pan Am I gained the hours needed to earn my ATPL and the experience to fly for an airline. I now work for Delta Connection as a First Officer thanks to Pan Am!


There are a lot of flight schools with different offers but I specifically chose PanAm because PanAm is a well-known Flight Academy that has a excellent aircraft and simulator training fleet. Also, there are excellent high level instructors with good packages for the price. Today I am at the Kissimmee base as a CFI for PanAm, continuing to live the dream! You will create your PanAm Experience. I found that the length of training depends on how much you study and apply yourself. It's up to you to be a great pilot. Sure it's challenging but I’m certain it’s worth it.

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