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Pan Am International Flight Academy offers more simulator
training solutions than any other flight training company.


With over 70 full flight simulators located throughout the United States and the world, Pan Am International Flight Academy can meet all of your Flight Simulator training needs.  All simulators are available with or with out instructor support.  If you are looking to lease simulator time or are looking for a complete training package, Pan Am can assist you.  For schedules and availiability, please Contact Us. Click on the links below to view simulator locations and specs:

 Boeing 787  Airbus 320 All Models  CRJ-200
 Boeing 777  Airbus 300-B4  CRJ-700
 Boeing 767     CRJ-700/900
 Boeing 757     Q-400
 Boeing 747-400      
 Boeing 747-200/300     Embraer 170/175
 Boeing 737-200  MCDONNELL DOUGLAS:  Embraer 190/195
 Boeing 737-3/4/500  MD-80   
 Boeing 737-NG  MD-82  Saab 340
 Boeing 727  MD-88   
 Boeing 707